About Me

CLARE KELLY B.A.(hons) Combined studies in Art and Design from the University of Ulster at Belfast, Northern Ireland in 1991. She grew up in the bordertown of Strabane on the Donegal/Tyrone border in the 70s/80s

Since early childhood creativity has always played a massive part in Clares Life and healing. She wrote stories and poetry, drew, sang, danced, painted and acted for many hours, for many years. Nothing much has really changed only she has helped bring other members of the Community into her World through Art Classes, Creative Workshops and her Art and Craft Showcases

Clare Kelly

Founder and Artistic Director of STONELEAF Community Art Gallery Stoneybatter Village Dublin 7 in the mid 90s and Founder of the Midlands Art and Craft Association (M.A.C.H.A) in Longford 2004 and then the Midland Arts, Cultural and Heritage Association (M.A.C.H.A) hosted in Ireland’s Centre town Mullingar, County Westmeath Ireland in 2017

Clare has, for many years, facilitated a wide range of Community and Cross Community Art and Cultural Projects throughout Ireland with groups of all Ages, Abilities, Faith and Gender. This has helped introduce marginalised and socially excluded members of society to the benefits of ART to promote Health and Overall Wellbeing. 

Clare Kelly is also a highly Empathic Healer and Intuitive Painter who produces special Unique and individual SOUL PORTRAITS. Here the Portrait Experience makes for a deeper, more Intimate and Spiritual Portrait of SELF. When a Soul Portrait takes Form it can help you open your heart more fully enabling you to Awaken your Life Purpose through Healing your Body, Mind, Heart and Soul. This process is a perfect tool for to help you re-member your True Authentic Self again.



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